1st owner of our art gallery was Chuji Ogawa who opened his gallery in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture of Japan in 1945. At the time after the Second World War, we had customers for Japanese art collection. However, his son Tadatoshi (Kyoji) Ogawa decided to move from Kanazawa to Tokyo, a capital of Japan to open his new gallery of Ogawa Shoten in 1976 to approach more customers worldwide. Currently in 2022, his daughter Kayo Ogawa is opening our gallery to move foreward to connect with art collectors and lovers to approach more the deepness of Asian culture.


1st owner: Chuji Ogawa


We had collected and expertized the following art categories:

1. Chinese and Japanese Ceramics

2. Chinese and Japanese Paintings and Calligraphy

We're from Kanazawa prefecture in Japan with strong root of Japanese tea ceremony's culture which alternatively links to classical philosophy of Zen in Japan. This is reason why we had expertized Chinese and Japanese arts since it came from Japanse tea ceremony culture.

3. Japanese Modern Artists

However, 2nd owner Tadatoshi Ogawa made connections to Japanese Modern Artists when he moved from Kanazawa to Tokyo. At the time, our gallery was located in Shinjuku area in Tokyo. He hosted his exhibition 美淵 ~ Bien ~ in 1987 with famous arts from famed Japanese artists 奥村土牛様, 吉田善彦, 松尾敏男, 荘司福様, 加藤東一様, 大山忠作様, 鈴木竹柏様, 中島千波様, 畠中光享様, 土屋礼一様, 堀泰明様, 竹内浩一様, and 稲元実様. He had sepcial exhibitions of "加藤栄三様展" in 1982, "図像展 religious iconography" in 1982, India Rajput Miniature" in 1984, and 大石芳野様写真展. 



Our time passed in decades.

We would like to take journey to learn more about middle and South Asia, not only East Asia of Chinese and Japanese ones.

3rd owner, Kayo Ogawa had lived abroad and today keep connecting with people across the world. She would like to meet more people and deep learnings of Asian culture.